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About Phlebotomy Classes in Chicago

Our Mission

At Phlebotomy Schools in Chicago, our goal is to equip aspiring phlebotomists with the tools they need to succeed by offering a thorough and accessible resource for finding top phlebotomy programs across Chicago’s dynamic landscape. We are committed to connecting your career goals with the extensive educational opportunities the city has to offer, ensuring you have a smooth and well-informed path to a fulfilling career in healthcare.

“Chart your course to success with Phlebotomy Schools in Chicago, where your aspirations to impact the healthcare field take shape. Join us on this inspiring journey, as we guide you towards excellence in your phlebotomy education and future career.”

Our Vision

We recognize phlebotomists as a vital part of our community’s developing healthcare ecosystem. We strive to supply the pipeline with skilled professionals ready to take on crucial phlebotomy positions, while also providing a stepping stone for healthcare workers to advance their skills and occupy other significant roles in nursing and healthcare administration.

Our Team

Years of experience in phlebotomy and healthcare – that’s our team. We’re all in this together.

Charlene Jenson

Eva Baldwin