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The Chicago Community Learning Center offers a Phlebotomy Technician course for $1,850. It includes venipuncture and dermal puncture training over 104.5 hours, spread across 6-8 weeks.

The program prepares students for the CPT certification exam. Prerequisites include being 18 years or older and having a GED or High School Diploma.

104.5 hours over 6-8 weeks
840 W Irving Park Rd Ste 203, Chicago, IL 60613
Online Classes?

The Chicago Instruction Center offers a Phlebotomy Program focusing on various aspects of phlebotomy and healthcare. The course includes practical venipuncture techniques and theoretical knowledge.

Completion qualifies students for certification exams. The program is designed to train skilled phlebotomists in both technical and patient care aspects.

Information Details
Cost $825 tuition, plus additional fees
Duration 200 clock hours
Location 10824 S. Halsted, Chicago IL, 60628, Suite 103
Phone 312-723-4654
Online Classes? No

The City Colleges of Chicago offers a Basic Certificate in Phlebotomy. This 16-hour program leads to certification through NPA, ASCP, and ASPT. It trains students in drawing blood and preparing specimens.

The course includes both theoretical and practical training. Admission is competitive, with prerequisites in English and a high school diploma or GED.

Information Details
Cost Not specified
Duration 16 credit hours
Location 180 N. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone (312) 850-7375
Online Classes? Not specified

The College of DuPage Phlebotomy Program equips students with essential skills for blood collection and EKG procedures. It includes theoretical and practical learning, preparing students for various healthcare settings. Graduates are eligible to take the ASCP certification, enhancing their job prospects in the medical field.

With a focus on patient care and technical proficiency, the program offers phlebotomy training at a high level. It’s designed for those seeking a career in phlebotomy, ensuring readiness for real-world medical environments and patient interactions.

Information Details
Cost Estimated at $2,251.73
Duration 2 Semesters: 11 Credit Hours
Location 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone 630-942-2800
Online Classes? No

FSTE Health Care Training Academy offers a 6-week hybrid Phlebotomy Training program in Chicago. It includes online classes and in-person labs, focusing on phlebotomy skills and patient care.

The program prepares students for the National Health Careers Association Certification exam. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, including an externship.

Information Details
Cost $1,338, additional out-of-pocket expenses: $373.99
Duration 6 weeks
Location 1639 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60617
Phone 773-437-5003
Online Classes? Yes

Midwestern Career College offers a Phlebotomy Technician program in Chicago, focusing on blood specimen collection, medical terminology, and clinical techniques. The program prepares students for certification exams.

The program lasts a total of 120 clock hours over 4 semester credit hours. Tuition is $1,990, with additional costs for books and other fees.

Information Details
Cost $1,990 (plus additional fees)
Duration 120 clock hours, 4 semester credit hours
Location 203 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60601
Phone 312-236-9000 ext. 1
Online Classes? No

The Nirvana Institute in Chicago offers a 6-week Phlebotomy Technician Program. It trains students in blood drawing, specimen preparation, and laboratory analysis skills.

Graduates are prepared for healthcare roles and the NHA certification exam. The course includes venipuncture techniques, safety protocols, and CPR training.

Information Details
Cost $1,800
Duration 6 weeks
Location South Campus: 4650 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653
West Campus: 2201 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60612
Phone South Campus: 773-675-4000
West Campus: 312-796-3333
Online Classes? No

Northwest Phlebotomy School in Chicago offers a concise, three-day phlebotomy training program combining lectures and practical labs. The course prepares students for various aspects of phlebotomy work.

Classes cover safety practices, venipuncture techniques, and patient interactions. A one-on-one practical exam concludes the training, ensuring readiness for certification.

Information Details
Cost $675 per class
Duration 3 days
Location 332 S Michigan Ave Suite 121 #5921, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone 360-522-3226
Online Classes? Not specified

SFCT Phlebotomy Training offers courses in phlebotomy and cardio-phlebotomy in Oak Lawn, IL. Training includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for a phlebotomy career.

The program leads to a certificate of completion and eligibility for national certification. Class schedules are flexible with morning and evening options.

Information Details
Cost Varies by program
Duration Not specified
Location 9850 S Cicero Ave Ste B, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Phone 708-608-9084
Online Classes? Not specified

Stars Academy School of Phlebotomy offers a 4-week training program in Hickory Hills, IL. It prepares students for phlebotomy roles with hands-on and theoretical training.

The program costs $1,600 and is suitable for those new to phlebotomy. It includes lectures, clinical practice, and CPR training.

Information Details
Cost $1,600
Duration 4 weeks
Location 8077 W. 95th St., Hickory Hills, IL 60457
Phone 708-233-0590
Online Classes? Not specified


TTI Medical Training School in Chicago offers a 13-week Phlebotomy Technician Program. The course blends online and in-person training, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of phlebotomy.

Graduates are eligible for the NHA CPT certification exam. The program aims to produce knowledgeable and skilled phlebotomists ready for healthcare roles.

Information Details
Cost $2,928
Duration 13 weeks
Location 5310 N Harlem Ave, 209, Chicago, IL 60656
Phone (773) 382-8609
Online Classes? Yes

The Stars Academy School of Phlebotomy in Hickory Hills, Illinois, offers a beginner-friendly phlebotomy training program that prepares individuals for a career in phlebotomy from the ground up. This comprehensive program is structured around 60 hours of training, equally split between lectures and hands-on clinical practice, completed over a 4-week period.

Information Details
Cost $1,600
Duration 4 weeks
Location  8077 W. 95th St., Hickory Hills, IL 60457
Phone (708) 233-0590
Online Classes? No

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a phlebotomy training program for UIC students and clinical research staff. It teaches basic blood draw skills but doesn’t lead to certified phlebotomist status.

The program includes a 2-hour in-person class and observation of 5 blood draws. Completion within 90 days leads to a Certificate of Completion.

Information Details
Cost $50
Duration Varies; includes a 2-hour class
Location 1747 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL 60608
Phone (312) 996-7140
Online Classes? No